5 thoughts on “First post on my new blog

  1. I was having a hard time thinking of a title for my series of books that starts with “For the Love of Quinn.” I wanted to have something that would tie them all together, a common theme. One day I was talking to someone about getting another tattoo and I said I wanted to stick to the theme I started. Both tats have to do with my books and I wanted to come up with another one with hearts and dragons. The light bulb went off and I couldn’t be happier. “Now and Forever” will have at least 5 books so I had better get cracking! LOL


  2. Penny Keller says:

    Love the title!! Reminds me of what my husband and I always say to each other, “Always and Forever”, even had it on the wedding cake! 🙂 I think you are going to be the author to get me back into romance!!! Can’t wait!


  3. Hi Penny! I think I wrote a poem called Always and Forever…hmmmmm. Let me see if I can find it!


  4. DeadrA wagner says:

    It’s a perfect title bestie I love the way you’ve tied everything together!!!!!! Wish you all the luck with this book and more to come.


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