Six Sentence Sunday

It’s good to be back in this group again! I’ve been away with other projects and unable to choose six sentences to submit for the last few weeks. Now that I have several works in progress, the hard part was choosing which six! LOL!  This week’s submission is from The Island (Now and Forever 2) which I hope to finish and get off to my editor before the end of the month.

Let me set up the scene a little bit. It seems our so called villain, Julia Santos has once again found herself in the hospital after a self inflicted injury. Her boyfriend of two years, Jacob Hartley has just left her to rest in the hospital overnight in the good hands of Dr. Carlos. Little does Jacob know…well, see for yourself.

She thought of nothing all day except how she felt with his tongue darting in and out of her ass and pussy. Just the flick of his tongue over his own lips made her shiver with delight and soak her thong.

The very same thong the good doctor tore from her body seconds after lifting her up to sit on top of sink in her bathroom. Her finger wound tight in his dark wavy hair as his mouth plundered hers, taking her breath away. She loved the power she had over this man. Any time, any place she wanted, he was always willing to oblige. 


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6 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Lucky girl…or is it Santos….naughty man ha ha Great six Tammy…wonder when jacob is gonna find out! 🙂


  2. Dave, you are just going to have to read the book to find out exactly when Jacob finds out, but it’s the reason he ends up in the hospital in the short story “A Christmas Miracle for Jake.” I finished the scenes leading up to that accident, now to fill in more when he is on The Island with Quinn. Three thousand words flew out of me yesterday. Hopefully I can have another productive day!


    • Wow…you rock Tammy….well done! As I have been spending credit card money on the book launch…finances bit tight….one day when I get a kindle I hope to get ur books too…..Write. On! God bless D


  3. KE Saxon says:

    Holy guacamole, Batman! That is one cracklin’ hot snippet! I need a cold shower after that one, LOL. Great six!


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