Read an Ebook week on Smashwords

Hello everyone! Starting today and going until March 10, 2012 you can get a free ebook copy of my book of poetry. All you have to do is click on the button in this post to take you to my Smashwords page. Click on the version of the book you need for your reader and enter RE100 in the coupon code area. That’s it! You will have one copy of Follow Me: Poetry from the Heart and Soul for your very own. If you prefer a print copy, you can find one on It has a different cover, but it’s my book!

Several authors will be participating in this promotion through Smashwords and you will be able to get many ebooks anywhere from 25-100% discount using the promotion codes provided by the authors. Keep your eyes  open on Facebook, Twitter and other social media for the codes!

Blessed be,


3 thoughts on “Read an Ebook week on Smashwords

  1. mbourn says:

    Thank You Tammy! This will give me something to read in the car on the way to the Isak’s hockey tournament. (Something that isn’t hot and steamy anyways!)


  2. Hi Tammy….wow…bless u…will need to get it on pc kindle……All my books are free today only and two for the rest of the week till 10th….please grab them …would love you to read them at some point…my blog has the links God bless…have a great day…:) Dave.


  3. I think the print version looks nicer, but having the ebook version of my poetry always with me on my kindle is a big kick for me. It’s still very exciting to have it published!


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