The Island has been accepted for publication!

Yesterday I received wonderful news. My publisher has accepted The Island (Now and Forever 2). They’ve set a tentative November release for the ebook version and April 2013 for the print version. As most of you know, this book started off as a short story “A Christmas Miracle for Jake.” I posted it here on this blog during a blog hop at the end of last year. It was in three parts.

Here are the links to those posts so you can get a little sneak peek at the story.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three

Of course it’s evolved a lot since then and I’ve developed Julia’s story into her own book too.  If I can get that one done and submitted, I may have two new books released before the end of the year. I’m not going to force it. If Julia’s story flows well then so be it. I want to be happy with it before sending it in for consideration. As you know, characters want their story told and they don’t give a rip about deadlines! 😉

To celebrate, I’d like to share the song that I heard in my head when I wrote the love scenes between Quinn and Jacob for The Island.



Considering adding another book to the Now and Forever series…

I had such a great time writing the short story “A Christmas Miracle for Jake” that I have been mulling over in my brain the idea to expand upon it.  I was tinkering around with the idea of making it part of the Now and Forever series, but as a prequel.  Jacob’s story really needs to be told.  How did he become such a broken man unable to trust his own heart?

In For the Love of Quinn, I touched upon his story a bit through conversations between Jake and his brother Eric and other characters.  The woman who broke his heart and nearly drove Jake to kill himself keeps coming up in my head.  Julia Santos is a piece of work.  She is the classic “mean girl” all grown up and even more evil, sort of like Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct.  Catherine Tramell was wild, devastatingly beautiful, used to getting what she wanted when she wanted it no matter the costs.  For her, murder was not off limits.  Would it be for Julia? I think the idea that a man would nearly die in a motorcycle accident because he was so distraught over seeing her with another man would be just the kind of thing to get her juices flowing.

Oh, now my mind is definitely going there!

While Jake is in his coma and on The Island with Quinn, Julia is busy stirring up trouble in the real world for him and his family.  Unfortunately for her, she doesn’t know that the Hartley family has two Angels watching over them and Jake.  Of course there is Karma and Lady Fate waiting to get their claws into Ms. Santos!

Okay, looks like I got some writing to do! I am going with the title The Island for now. Any other ideas?

Six Sentence Sunday 11/27/2011


This six is from my new short story A Christmas Miracle for Jake.  The entire thing will be posted over the three days of the Stuff Your Stockings Christmas Blog Hop (December 16-18th).  In For the Love of Quinn, the reader gets a brief overview of an accident that Jacob had ten years before.  The short story covers the time when Jacob was in his coma.  Two secondary characters make their first appearance to help nudge Jacob, Quinn and the rest of the people in their lives down certain paths.  This group of six is a scene where Jacob and Quinn are together for the very first time on their dream island.


Her breasts were straining against the bodice of her sundress. Jacob flicked his tongue into the deep cleft between him eliciting a moan from Quinn.  He held her gaze as he pushed the thin straps of the dress off of her shoulders.  He used his teeth to tug at the strings keeping her heaving tits in place.  She giggled as her dress slowly opened up to him.  The sound tickled his stomach and he wanted to hear her giggle, laugh and so much more. 


Stay tuned for the full story!