Poetry from the heart: The Thunder and the Rain

The Thunder and The Rain

 Another gust of wind rattles the windows

Interrupting the constant reassuring sound of the rain

Thunder rolls in the distance mimicking your laugh as

I startle and wrap my arms around you tighter, head on your chest.

Sleep tries to take over, our hearts beat in sync…

With each other, with the Thunder, with the Rain.

Unable to stop touching, caressing,

Our lips find each other once again.

Your fingers run through my hair, pulling my head back

Exposing my neck to your lips.

Passion once again rolling through my body

Like the Thunder, like the Rain.

Staring into each others eyes, falling deeper,

No longer afraid to let go.

Nails dig into flesh as the flame ignites again.

More love to give, never ending;

Hearts pounding

Like the Thunder, like the Rain.

Lightning explodes across the sky

Our bodies entwined, racing toward

The inevitable, all consuming end.

Wave after wave pass through leaving only us.

No one and nothing else matters

Except the Thunder and the Rain.

Once again resting, sleep threatening.

Still touching and caressing.

Breathing slowing, our hearts once again

Falling into the rhythm

In sync with each other,

With the Thunder, with the Rain.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy 10/2010

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