Finding photos that inspire my writing…and maybe yours!

One of the inspirations for book two in my Now and Forever series "My Love, My Friend"

I was working on gathering photos for my next promotional video and I came across several that just drew me right in.  This photo of the couple near the waterfall immediately made me think of Sammi and Nathan.  They are two lovers in my next book.  For those of you who have already read, For the Love of Quinn, you will be happy to know that most of the characters make at least brief appearances in My Love, My Friend.  Sammi is Quinn’s cousin and also a veterinarian.  When she travels to California to visit Quinn and Sarah, she meets Nathan.  Some may remember him as the hunky bodyguard/limo driver that takes care of Steve and Quinn whenever they are in California.  I found this photo on  The photographer is listed as Dynamite Imagery.  The pictures posted in their gallery there are fantastic.  You can use them for free as long as you give them credit, but if you wish to not give them credit, you can purchase the pictures that you need too.  It’s the best of both worlds if you ask me.  I have no problem giving this artists credit.  They rock!  If you want to see more pictures from Dynamite Imagery, click on the photo and it will take you to the page.

Speaking of writing…

I am opening up this blog and it’s sister blog over on blogspot called Not Enough Time in the Day to guests.  If you are interested in posting, let me know.  I would love to share my space with fellow authors.  No topic is off limits!  Several days in November and December are still open.  If I have a big enough response, I will work on January and February schedules.

Have a Happy Samhein and I hope to hear from you all real soon!




Six Sentence Sunday October 30, 2011

I missed posting for last week due to a scheduling conflict at my day job as a veterinarian, but I am back!  There are several other authors participating once again this week. If you get a chance, check out some of the other fantastic entries!

This particular six is from For the Love of Quinn.  Here one of our heroes is mesmerized by our our heroine, Quinn Hollis as she enters the concert hall of the House of Blues.  Jacob Hartley can’t take his eyes off of her.  The way she looked and moved had his mind racing and his body in overdrive.

Man, what he wouldn’t give to take her into a bathroom stall and fuck her from behind!

She wore skintight hip-hugger black jeans, black three-inch heels that gave her an extra shimmy when she walked, and a form-fitting leopard print top that really showed off her tits, not slutty, but just enough to make him want to see more. Gold hoops and studs adorned her ears. He hadn’t noticed that they were triple-pierced last night. The more Jacob saw, the more this woman fascinated him. If he’d known veterinarians could be this sexy, he would have made sure to be here every year for their conference.

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

When you feel lost and alone,

With nowhere to turn,

If your soul aches with a need

To be loved so great,

Look inside to the beacon

That forever burns.

Follow your heart to the one

Bound solely to you

Through Lady Fate.

You may get lost in the journey

To find true love.

You may wish

To give up all hope.

Instead open your mind

To the Goddess Above.

Follow your heart to find

The only one who can help you cope.

Many loves will come and go

Bringing joy and yes

Bringing sorrow.

Don’t be afraid.

Let your love light shine.

Give of yourself as if

There will be no tomorrow.

Follow your heart

To the one it yearns for,

The one with the Love that Binds.

Darkness will surround you,

Threatening your inner peace.

Meet the Shadows head on,

Without fear.

For the Lady Fate has armed you

With all you need.

Follow your heart,

And you will find the way

Has now become crystal clear.

The one you’ve been bound to

Through each and every life,

Will themselves be finding

Their way back to you.

Both have come through it all,

Through every joy and strife.

Follow your hearts.

They can no longer be denied.

Follow your hearts.

Together you can begin

Life and love anew.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


Oakland, CA

Was It All A Dream?

Was It All A Dream?

The waves crash on the beach

Pulling me out of a much needed sleep.

The bed we shared the days  before

Was still warm where you laid next to me…

I reach out only to find empty space.

No sign of your sleeping face.

Eyes closed tight

Fighting the tears.

Remembering the same goodbye

Said so often through the years.

Clinging to each other

In the hours before you leave.

Hearts pounding together:

Touching kissing, committing all to memory.

Fighting the urge to just let you go.

Was it all a dream?

Promises made once again

To come home safe to me.

Smiles on our faces

Don’t make it to our eyes.

One last embrace.

One last kiss.

Hearts reaching out for one last plea.

The friendship, the love,

The soul wrenching goodbyes.

Was it all a dream?

Wrapped in one of your shirts

Still smelling of you.

Walking along the shore

The salty mist coats my skin.

On the horizon a distant ship

Starts to come into view.

And as always this is how

My journey without you begins.

Was it all a dream?

©Tammy Dennings Maggy



One More Time

One More Time

Love that’s lost before it had a chance to grow, is never truly gone.

It’s just waiting for the time to bloom again.

Waiting for the moment to stretch out in the summer sun…

Just one more time.

The pain that took over and consumed will not last.

It cannot…for the love is still there,

Binding two hearts together forever…

Always drawing the lovers toward each other

Just one more time.

Fear of failure once again keeps them apart.

Fear of losing each other allows outsiders to interfere

And causes one heart to doubt and one to break.

Fear of being alone causes each heart to settle…

Settle for the known and unhappy existence

Instead of reaching out for the beautiful possibility with each other…

Just one more time.

The fog finally lifts.

Eyes are open and finally see…

What their hearts have known all along.

Now is their time.

Now is their chance.

Now they can be happy…together.

This time forever their hearts are bound.

The passion burns forever bright and blooms eternally…

Just one more time.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


Safe in Your Arms

Safe In Your Arms


Tossing and turning

Restless and burning

Aching to feel your body

Close to mine.

The bed that we once shared

Seems cold and lonely

Without you to hold me tight.

When you are here,

All sadness and pain disappear

And I am safe in your arms

Every night.

Once again tossing and turning

Restless and yearning

For the day you will

Return back to me.

Knowing in my heart of hearts

Your First Love will always call…

Taking you away to the arms

Of the beautiful, cruel and majestic

Lady of the Sea.

Knowing all along

Your heart would not belong

To me alone…

I still chose to share mine

With you.

For the Lady promised

She would keep you safe

And bring you home

When your journey together

Was through.

Tossing and turning.

My heart restless and burning

For your love,

Your touch and your kiss.

Hoping and praying

That the coming dawn would finally bring

The day I will be safe

In your arms…

And once again our hearts  joined

In peaceful bliss.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy

1:35am 3/28/2011

Forever Waiting

Forever Waiting

Through each lifetime we love so briefly.

Each time something or someone interferes

Keeping us from the love promised to us long ago.

Once again reborn,

Already our hearts yearn for their mates.

Forever searching,

Forever waiting

To be together again.

Wars come and go.

Heroes return to those left behind,

But something always missing.

Souls stay restless.

Forever searching,

Forever waiting

To hold each other close again.

Time moves ever forward

And so do we.

Never fully happy.

Never fully at peace.

Always waiting,

Always searching

For the one to make our souls complete.

Once again a chance is taken,

Even though one heart is broken

And the other seems forever lost.

Both always waiting,

Always searching for the way

Back to each other’s arms.

The spark once again ignites

Never lost,

Never broken.

The flame burns bright

Calling us home.

For Now is our time.

Now we shall see.

No more searching,

No more waiting

For Now you are here with me.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours

Together at last.

Walls and miles between us melt away.

Our hearts start beating wild and fast,

Because there are no more obstacles in our way.

Now and forever faithfully yours,

As you are faithfully mine.

We’ve waited so long to open those doors:

That kept us apart;

Kept our lives out of sync

And out of time.

Promises made to others who have crossed our paths

Seemed empty and hollow.

Because we knew in our souls

Those loves would not last,

And would only bring us great sorrow.

For through the years

We’ve searched high and low

For the one who could bring our hearts

And souls some peace.

One day it happened.

Our worlds once again collide.

And now our separate journeys would cease.

Now and forever faithfully yours

As you are faithfully mine.

Together again the spark ignites.

No longer out of sync or out of time.

Questions still remain…

“Why did you wait so long

To confess your love to me?”

“Why did you take so long

To accept you were worth it?”

The doubts no longer have to be.

Just have faith and embrace it.

For now and forever

I am faithfully yours.

And you are faithfully mine.

Together again the fire will burn

Now and for all time.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy



Can This Be It?

Can This Be It?

Just going through the motions day after day

Can this be it?

Barely existing.

Passion missing?

Others seem to find it,

Why not me?

Loneliness overwhelms

Making it easier to settle

For just okay…

No heat

No fire

No passion

Could this be it?

Barely existing.

Desire missing?

Longing to be wanted against all odds

To be kissed with abandon.

Fire burning out of control.

Could this be it?

Barely existing

Love missing?

Memories of the one

Who long ago stole my heart

Ignite the spark…

No longer afraid of rejection

Took a chance

Bared my soul.

Desire building

Fire burning

Passion flooding through

My heart and soul.

No longer alone

Just barely existing

This is it…

Together again

Skin on skin

Flame on Flame

Heart to Heart

Soul to Soul

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


Six Sentence Sunday

I decided to give this a try.  It’s not easy picking six sentences to grab the readers attention and make them want to read more, but I gave it a shot.  This was taken from For the Love of Quinn which is now available through Siren Bookstrand and  It’s a scene where our heroine, Quinn meets up with her lover and casino mogul Steve.  After finishing up with her veterinary conference lectures for the day, Quinn drops in on Steve in his office.  Just the sound of his voice can send Quinn’s body into overdrive and this time is no exception.


Steve shoved his cock hard into her dripping cunt. He had been fantasizing about taking her this way all day long, and as a result, he was about ready to explode when she knocked on his door.

He kept pounding her tight, muscular body stretched over his mahogany desk, which thudded every time he entered her. Ever the good slave, Quinn muffled her cries until he gave her permission to let herself go. That made Steve want her all the more, and he moved faster in and out of her. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Tell me what you want, my beautiful slave.”

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