Welcome to Behind Closed Doors to today’s guest author Leanore Elliott.  Let’s travel with her to Nowhere, Arizona for some sizzling hot romance…

“Big deals and power suits was the life of Madeline Sayers. No love. No color. No life. Out of the ashes of a dying mothers’ last request, she finds herself in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, Arizona, that is. On her simple quest to return an item, she finds herself stuck in the desert. Out of the blistering heat of the sun, she sees Devon. Although in her eyes he is truly magnificent, she fears him. Will he make her tear down the walls that she had built around herself? The seduction is hot and the colors are bright in Nowhere.”“Aquatica Reviews”

Just imagine, you are a driven girl for success and power in a man’s world. But you’ve never longed for anything sensual or seductive and you never knew what was inside of you, until you meet someone who turns you inside out.

“Ever ridden bareback?” He grinned down at her.

His smile elicited more shivers. “I’ve never ridden at all.”

“There are a whole lot of things you’ve never done.” He reached out to her. “How about we start with this?”

Madeline puzzled at his bold opinions while looking at his outstretched hand.

“Afraid?” he taunted

Watch Out For The Aphrodisiac Lightning Pool…

“Yep, you’re afraid of me.”


You heard me.”

She balled her hands into fists at her sides. “Screw you! I don’t even know you, let alone…” Her words halted as he stood up in the water and stepped from the pool. Oh, dear God, he’s magnificent!

“Remove your clothes and join me, or I will remove them for you.” His eyes locked with hers.

“No one tells me—“

Cutting her reply off, he reached out and lifted her to his wet body. “I won’t repeat it.”

Madeline gazed into his eyes, mesmerized by the intensity of his words. He released her and stood back. Drawing in a breath, she tugged her T-shirt up and over her head.

When Seduction Is Not Enough….


She drew in a breath. “So, what are you going to do?”

“Seduce you.”

“That would be way too easy for you.” Madeline grinned up at him. “You already know I want you.”

Devon tilted his head at her. “But that’s not enough for me.”

“What would be enough?”

“I want all of you.”

Seduction Then, Turns The Tables…

 He hit the water with his hand. “You have never listened!” The voice sounded like Devon’s, but his skin grew darker and his muscles rippled in a strange way.

At the surreal transformation, she sat stunned on the ledge.

“You are not afraid?” His voice sounded strange as he glared at her.

She held steady, but her heart pounded in her ears. “No.”

Reaching out, he lifted her and raised her high. “You will be.” He gave her a chilling smile and stepped out of the pool, carrying her through the cave opening. He headed for the table, setting her in front of it. “You should have listened.” His words sounded clipped and thick.

Now You Meet The Sunset Warrior …

He stood with a towering height. A proud and impressive male, surging muscles bulged from his gleaming, broad shoulders. His bronze skin appeared sleek and deliciously smooth in the low light of the cave. His lean abdominal muscles rippled under the glow of the torches.

Madeline continued to stare at his physique and experienced an unwanted flushing, which coursed through her body. A savage Adonis stood on front of her, possessing an unbridled power to administer both pleasure and pain. Savage confidence emanated from his hunter-like stance. The dark slate color of his glinting eyes reflected an austere rage. He was Devon, but not the same Devon.

He applied his hot tongue to her tender skin. Her whole body shivered as he opened her folds with his fingers, placing his warm lips over her exposed clit.

“Mmm,” she moaned.

Sliding his hot, moist tongue over her with a rapid motion, he tilted her hips and spread her pussy open wider, his rigid, searing tongue plunging inside of her.

I want him to do it more! I need it! Her body shook terribly. No! Madeline fought her own body’s reaction, tossing her head back and forth while his tongue propulsion grew more rapid and the throbbing became a living bliss. Her leg muscles stiffened as she fought her body’s compelling need to give in to the heated, erotic assault. She inevitably lost the battle to resist as her body spasmed and her thigh muscles tightened. The heady orgasm rippled through her body and the room spun around her.

The satisfied brave withdrew his victorious, probing tongue and watched her climax. His intense gaze elicited a lurid wave of fascination in Madeline. An instinctive connection sparked in her consciousness, as if his eyes willed her to free her sensual being, willing her to give in to true ecstasy.

His warm, wet mouth latched onto her nipple, his skillful tongue circling her tender, aching nerve endings. The brave began his pointedly decadent oral journey with a slow taunting of sweeping licks and nibbles. Increasing the pace of his nipple teasing, he suckled harder and tugged gently at her rosy peak with his teeth.

“Ohh!” she mumbled with a helpless shudder.

And The Warrior Wants More Than Devon wanted…

Lifting her away from the wall by her hips, he shoved his hard, pulsing cock into her.

Madeline’s gasps grew loud in the cave as she leaned her body closer to him and rubbed her breasts across his bare chest. He pumped into her repeatedly, with a powerful intensity while tilting her hips forward for maximum penetration.

The absolute wave of rapturous splendor crashed over her, pulsating its way through her fevered body, and she escalated into a full orgasm. Her nipples pinched and ached for his touch, his mouth. Desperate for anything he wanted to do, she wanted to feel it all.

He studied the needy anxious expression on her face.

“Please!” At her plea, he lowered his mouth and sucked on one nipple while he pinched the other with his strong fingers. Harder! She screamed in her mind, and he tweaked them with a gentle twisting. Deeper, I need more of you!

She closed her eyes while imprisoned by the grip of the longest, most torturing orgasm of her life. Colors burst behind her closed eyes, and her body helplessly flushed hot and cold all over. With feverish greed, she tilted her hips forward to get more from the powerful pounding, thrusting back with an aggressive, rapid motion, losing control completely. Her orgasm finally slowed, and she vigorously panted from the intense ecstasy that entrapped her.

The brave adjusted his pace to her spiraling descent from ecstatic madness and ground into her with a slower, more soothing rhythm. Sweet relief washed over her as her body relaxed and she calmed. What is happening? Dizzy with satisfaction, she marveled at the splendid rapture while her lungs struggled for air.

His body tensed, and she jumped when the heat of his cum flowed into her. An exquisite burning fire swept through her limbs like the sharp scrape at the lighting of a match, igniting her entire body as it responded to his ejaculation. She helplessly reacted with yet another orgasm. “Ahh!” A euphoric jolt of astonishment bolted through her.

“My woman now,” he announced with a victorious tone, grasping her ass and squeezing her bare cheeks, tugging her closer to his hips.

The squeezing enhanced her orgasm while moisture seeped from her with an encompassing gratification and Madeline shuddered. “Yes,” she huffed breathlessly as her fifth climax peaked. “Yes!”

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Want Another Sexy Peek At Nowhere, Arizona?

Author: Author Tammy Dennings Maggy

After a nearly 26 year career as a veterinarian, I am finally realizing my dream of becoming a published author. More than that, I am writing in a genre that I love to read myself, erotic romance. There is nothing better than becoming so immersed in a story line that you forget all the stresses of life that surround you. My favorite authors have done that for me over the years, and I hope that I can do the same.


  1. Oh la la …she knows what she wants! Brill line ……swept through her limbs like the sharp scrape at the lighting of a match, igniting her entire body….

    reallly good book trailer too.

    Good luck with this book! :))


  2. LOVED the excerpt AND that trailer! Gotta read this one!

    Ive actually been to Nowhere AZ several times. When I first moved to Prescott years ago someone told me about Nowhere and I thought they were being cute and made it up. Imagine my surprise when I drove there and saw the sign post “Nowhere, AZ”!

    Wishing you great Sales!

    hugs, Kari Thomas, http://www.authorkari.com


  3. I’ve read ‘Nowhere Arizona: Sunset Warrior’ and I LOVED it! It’s unique, super spicy & sexy with terrific characters. I can’t wait for the sequel!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}


  4. LATE-LEANORE HERE…I am sorry that I showed up so late. I had computer failure of nightmarish proportions. I am so glad you all came and posted! This was a really hot spot that Tammy and I put together here. (wicked-giggle)
    Thank you for allowing Leanore to heat up your week.


  5. It is a real place, although it is formally known as Nothing. Pop. 4, LOL It made an impression on me for sure, as I lived 20 miles up the road some years back. I wish to thank everyone and my Hostess for visiting Nowhere with me and feeling the heat. (giggle)
    ‘Wicked Leanore’


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