Heat is in the Eye of the Beholder

I just realized today it’s been six months since I became a published author. The time seemed to fly by and now I’m working on the next three books in my Now and Forever series, writing another book of poetry to self publish, and plotting out two more series called The Kayne Legacy and Songs of Fate. I keep pushing myself to get through the next book, but maybe I need to slow down and enjoy it for a bit. Hell, it’s not like I can write full time…yet. I still have so many other responsibilities and there is only so much time in the day. I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself and because of that, I’m running into a bit of writer’s block. It’s not a full obstruction, but more like clogging of the arteries. There is still words flowing out, but oh so slowly.

When I can’t get the words to flow, I’ve picked up my Kindle and immersed myself into the worlds created by my fellow authors. It’s been an eye-opening and entertaining experience to say the least. First of all, several of these authors have become friends of mine and reading their words gives me more of an insight into how their minds work. It makes the stories richer for me somehow. It’s like I can hear the author’s voice telling me these stories, giving me more of a personal connection to their characters. Secondly, many of these women have been guests on one or both of my blogs. Not only did I learn more about them personally and as authors, I got a few sneak peaks at their works in progress. All of it made me excited to delve into their novels and become huge fans. Being involved in several social network groups, I can chat with these authors about their works, my own writings, our day jobs, family shenanigans and overall the crazy stuff life throws at us.

These networks have been wonderful sources for me to find more authors new to me and I’ve added new books to my Kindle just about every day now. Unfortunately, with the good, there comes the not so good. I’m not talking about anyone’s writing, but the bits of snobbery for lack of a better term, toward the writers of erotica and erotic romance. I expected resistance from my family and friends who look at what I write as porn. No matter how I try to explain it to them, that is the way they see it and there is no changing their minds. It’s cut and dry. What I didn’t expect was other romance authors to basically label erotic romance authors as “not real writers.” I also didn’t expect the slamming of self published authors.

If you’re not a so called star of a reality show, good luck finding an in with a big named publisher or agent. They are going for the fast bucks because these people are the hot commodity. Never mind they can’t speak proper English let alone write it. There will be editors and ghost writers to handle all that. I have to admit, I was very lucky that I was accepted by the very first publisher I had on my list. I thought they would be a good fit for me and had several established authors willing to answer any questions posed by a “newbie.” There are so many more writers who are still searching for that fit, and it’s some of these folks who are the biggest snobs.

I’m not sure if it’s a case of not being accepted right off the bat by one of the “big guns” out of New York, or the fact that someone else got that publishing contract. Why else would these people rip apart fellow authors, refer to them as “not real writers” or smut peddlers? There is a huge arena out there and a following for everyone. We all just have to find our niche. Just because it’s not the same as yours, doesn’t mean that it’s drivel. Maybe these folks learn by example. There was a recent controversy surrounding Romance Writers of America. One of their local chapters had decided not to accept submissions containing same sex relationships in one of their contests. When they were asked why, the answer floored me. Apparently depicting gay and lesbian sex was a “just too much.” Hmmmmm.
I loved the retorts concerning that answer. Hell, sex between shapeshifters, vampires, werewolves and humans is more than acceptable, but real life situations are “just too much.”

That’s the same thing my mother said to me today after she told me she finished For the Love of Quinn. She loved the overall story, but some of the sex scenes were “just too much.” She didn’t understand how a couple could just keep going and going. I had to laugh. She knew that the scene she was referring to was actually something that had happened to me with a former lover. She still insisted that she liked it better in parts where I just gave the reader a hint at what was going to happen instead of being so explicit. Hmmmmm. I TOLD her the book was explicit and that I didn’t use flowery language or pretend the sex was behind closed doors(pun intended!). If I wrote it the “sweet” way she wanted it to be, I would have submitted it for a different line with my publisher. This book was rated SCORCHING. What did she think that meant?

The funniest review I had was from another relative. She said overall she liked the book but didn’t like my heroine, Quinn. She didn’t understand why the two heroes were interested in her. She couldn’t get around the idea that Quinn hit the sheets with a guy she just met.  Hmmmmm.  Well, it’s an erotic romance novel. My heroine doesn’t have time to date for a few months before she thinks about having sex. She is 43 years old for pete’s sake and had been around the block a few times and most definitely not a virgin.  One of my other relatives pointed out that a lot of Quinn’s story was my own and do you know what she said to that? “Well, I like Tammy, just not Quinn.”  LMAO  I love my family! Even when they don’t agree with me, they still support me. That’s what makes it all worthwhile.


Author: Author Tammy Dennings Maggy

After a nearly 26 year career as a veterinarian, I am finally realizing my dream of becoming a published author. More than that, I am writing in a genre that I love to read myself, erotic romance. There is nothing better than becoming so immersed in a story line that you forget all the stresses of life that surround you. My favorite authors have done that for me over the years, and I hope that I can do the same.

2 thoughts on “Heat is in the Eye of the Beholder”

  1. Congrats on your 6 month annivesary of being published. It is a wonderful accomplishment! I am getting ready to start Quinn’s journey.


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