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Welcome back to Behind Closed Doors. It’s Throwback Thursday where we dip into the archives and revisit a few of our older posts. Since I’m getting ready to release the third book in my Now and Forever series, I thought I’d continue visiting with the characters I’ve grown to love. Instead of interviews, I searched through my collection and found the photos that inspired the characters and some of the scenes depicted in their tales. The order of the books has been switched around a bit since the original manuscript for The Island (Now and Forever 2) ended up having to be split into two separate books. Bad girl Julia Santos had so much story to tell, I had to give her her own novel. Look for her story in The Surrender of Julia (Now and Forever 3) to be released in the next two weeks. 

So sit back, relax and enjoy the eye candy below. 


This picture is definitely Jacob Hartley and the delicious bad girl Julia Santos in The Island (Now and Forever 2). As soon as I laid eyes on it, I flashed on a scene between the two that happens after a particularly “grueling” session with them in Julia’s studio.  Jacob had to hold completely still on a small stage, completely naked while Julia sketched and then began a sculpture that would later become her masterpiece “Passion Unleashed.” Instead of using the female model she had pose with Jacob, she crafted her own body entwined with his. If this doesn’t get your “naughty” rolling, let’s take a look at the next couple.

* * *
Ah, another favorite couple of mine that will be the focus of another book in the Now and Forever series. After being on the road with his band Quarter to Three, Derek Quartermarsh is not interested in the groupies that flock to their concerts night after night. His heart will always belong to the sexy veterinary surgeon, Sarah McIntyre. After years of subtle flirts and innuendos, this couple finally confessed their feelings for each other in For the Love of Quinn. They will have their own story called Burning Heart.  What kind of naughtiness do you think these two will come up with?
* * *

I’ve been trying to find pictures for all of my couples and finally this one came up today. This is definitely  Jillian Ponueu and Erick Hartley.  The shy half Samoan, half Hawaiian first meets Jacob’s brother Eric in For the Love of Quinn at Disneyland of all places. Just like his big brother, Eric was hit hard the moment he laid eyes on the exotic beauty. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome before they can finally have their happily ever after. Will Jillian’s family obligations tear her away from the only man who has ever touched her very soul? Can Eric give up the career he’s always dreamed of in order to have his heart and soul by his side forever?  Come along for the ride of a lifetime in Thunderstruck. (This one is still a work in progress, but man! The things these two do to each other will bring out your naughty side and then some!)

* * *

This is another of my new favorite pictures. This is the surprise couple introduced in The Surrender of Julia and given a little more face time in My Love, My Friend (Now and Forever 4). Katie O’Donnell is friends with Quinn’s sister Miranda and cousins Samantha and Brigid.  From the moment this Michigan beauty steps into Steve Eischer’s Las Vegas, her life will never be the same. Can the love she feels for him overcome the fear that he’ll never get over the woman he has tattooed on his chest? Find out in Lady Luck (Now and Forever 6). Yes this is another work in progress, but since the stories are so intertwined, you will get to follow all of the characters throughout the series.

So there you have it. A bit of my naughty mind at work creating the rest of the Now and Forever series and having one hell of a fantastic time doing it! So in honor of all of these couples, I wanted to what I think is the naughtiest thing around…chocolate!  And what is the naughtiest chocolate candy there is?  That’s right. The GREEN M & M’s!

Here is a video in honor of the hot and sexy Miss Green. The first female M & M to ever grace a candy shop and of course the only one in Go Go boots! Enjoy! share what I think is the naughtiest thing around…chocolate!  And what is the naughtiest chocolate candy there is?  That’s right. The GREEN M & M’s!

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