For the Love of Quinn got another 5 star rating!

Just got word from “My Earnest Reviews” that another reader rated For the Love of Quinn 5 out of 5 stars!  I was having a hell of a day and that perked me right up!  Makes all the craziness going on around me worth it.  Now back to work on book two of the Now and Forever series.  This one will be called My Love, My Friend.  The story will start off at a key point from Quinn’s story.  This time we get to meet another of Quinn’s friends and fellow Michigander, Samantha.  She is also a veterinarian but she’s trying to pursue another of her passions, writing!  Go figure!  Let’s see how much of “Sammy Jo” is really me or someone else entirely.  Do I have you interested?  Good! Stay tuned!

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