Hoppy Easter Blog Hop…Day one!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Behind Closed Doors and the first day of the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop! Once again there are over 200 authors participating. Each one has their own contest and giveaway. Make sure you take some time and visit as many as you can over the next three days. Who knows? You just may be a big winner and haul in some pretty cool loot!

Stuffed bunny


For my contest, the rules are the same as before. All you have to do is come by each day and leave a comment for your chance to win. This time I’m giving away two handcrafted stuffed bunnies. The winner gets to choose the color of the yarn I use to make them and the color of eyes they want for each. The picture shows a bunny with brown eyes. Since they are crocheted “to order,” I will need a week or two to make them once the winner tells me their color choices.


For today’s post, I thought I would share some fantastic news. As I’ve posted before, I’ve gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. I’ve experienced some heartbreaking things, did a lot of soul searching and finally found myself and my soul mate. Liam came into my life when I was moving into a new phase of discovery. He not only supported me in everything, he was there to hold my hand when I thought I couldn’t go forward. He’s my muse, my rock, the love of this lifetime and others. He is my happily ever after and mo anam cara. Oh and he looks HOT in his uniform! RAWR!


We’ve talked about our future on numerous occasions. Each time, both of us admitted we don’t see ourselves with anyone else. We just fit together as Forrest Gump says…”like peas and carrots.” Where he goes, I will go. I’m prepared to be that military wife. Not that I’m going to enjoy it when he’s “underway,” but the sea is in his blood and is his first love. I wrote several poems about it. I believe in my heart that when his job is through, he will always return to port and to me. That’s the promise the Lady of the Sea has given and I will hold her to it!

Just a few weeks ago, Liam asked me to marry him and we celebrated our engagement on our trip to Maui over the last week. I found my wedding dress and a traditional shirt for him while we were there. His mother was with us and we surprised her when we dressed up in our wedding attire so she could take pictures. She won’t be able to be with us for the actual event, so this was a fun way to share our happiness. We didn’t have our rings yet. They didn’t arrive from Ireland until we had already left for Maui, but we got to put them on once we got home. Liam is Irish and he loved the idea of the Celtic Mo Anam Cara bands. I did too. This way we get to start out simple and elegant, and over the years we can expand on them. For me, these bands will be the most special.





Here is a picture of our rings side by side. He took his ring off for a moment tonight and told me later that it didn’t feel right without it on. It belonged there, like we belonged together.  Awwwww….


As you can see, happily ever afters aren’t just for the characters we write about. They are for all of us. You just have to open your eyes. Who knows? Yours may be right there under your nose all along!


Stay tuned over the next three days. I’ll post more of our pictures from Maui.

Aloha, and Blessed be.




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