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Welcome to the Behind Closed Doors Author Spotlight feature.  Today I’m excited to welcome back Piper Punches to finish out a tour of my blogs. Her debut novel The Waiting Room released a few short months ago has already garnered over a dozen FIVE STAR reviews on Amazon and I’m sure will end up with many more.  Instead of me going on and on about her, how about I let the guest of honor tell her own story. ~Tammy

As a writer I am often asked the question, “How do you come up with your stories?” That is a loaded question and one that often requires an answer longer than the person asking planned on sticking around to hear. But, what did they expect? I am a novelist after all; not a skilled Haiku writer. Trying to contain the thoughts that flutter through my mind like money in a wind tunnel to a mere three lines and 17 syllables would be impossible and cruel.

The Waiting Room CoverThe truth is that there are a plethora of things in life than inspire me to write. A song on the radio, political commentary that makes me stop and scratch my head, even watching my daughters playing together can fuel a creative spark. But, if I were to pick one thing that inspires me the most it would be human connection; that thin, invisible fiber that seems too weak to possibly connect one person to another, but does so without snapping and without asking for permission.

My debut novel, The Waiting Room, is a book about that human connection. It explores the innards of humanness because I am constantly spellbound by the reasons that people make the choices they do. By the time you read this post, I will have celebrated my 37th birthday. That’s not many years by a long shot as I hope to have many, many more (did I mentioned I am immortal – not delusional, just immortal – insert the wink emoticon here). However, over the course of the past 37 years I have been confronted with pain and sadness caused by choices I made in life as well as by choices those that I loved made. These choices have defined me in ways both good and bad. Sometimes the shrapnel from these choices that still resides in me makes it difficult to move past the past. This is when I find myself inspired the most. I put my pen to the paper (okay, my fingers on the keyboard) and write to find a way to understand.

In The Waiting Room, the characters of Charlotte, Harold, and Sylvie each have made choices in their lives that have defined them and prevented them from moving past their pasts.  Some readers may wonder why I chose to entitle this novel, The Waiting Room, especially since the theme of the book is not wholly medical related. I have never addressed the reason behind the title, but I would love to share my insight with you today.

When we can’t move past the past and learn to forgive those around us or even ourselves we are in an Earthly purgatory, so to speak. We are stagnant and still. The characters in The Waiting Room find themselves in this motionless state, allowing life to happen to them as they continue to hold onto pain. As sad and depressing as this may sound, I want you, the reader, to know that The Waiting Room is not a story about despair and regret. It is a story about forgiveness, moving on, and hope.

Writing this novel was an amazing experience. I am continually amazed at the reviews and comments I receive from readers after they have read, The Waiting Room. I hope that you will consider reading The Waiting Room, too, and letting me know if you were inspired to move past whatever is holding you back from living your life to the fullest. You can read the first thirteen lines of The Waiting Room by clicking here or by requesting a sample on

About the Author

Piper Punches bio picturePiper Punches lives in the far west suburbs of St. Louis with her husband and two daughters. The Waiting Room is her debut novel. Piper is excited to connect with her readers and encourages everyone to stop by her website and say hello. In the meantime, she is currently working on her second novel, 60 Days, which will be available April 2014 and a short novella, Missing Girl, available January 2014.



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