Six Sentence Sunday November 6, 2011

For this week’s submission, I thought I would use the first six sentences of one of my poems. The Vixen, the Witch, and the Daemon is one of my fantasy poems that is pretty much the inspiration for another series I am working on under the pen name Lia Michaels.  The entire poem is also posted here on this webpage in My Poetry section.  Here are my Sunday Six:

Here is the tale of two Witches: one Dark and one of the Light,
Both vying for the heart of the one called The Daemon.
Who he chooses in the end will determine his ultimate fate:
Be lost forever to the Evil One in the Dark
Or be reborn again into a love that burns forever bright.

The flame-haired Witchy One with eyes of jade
Cast her spell to control the Mighty Daemon.
Using Dark Magic she transforms herself
Into someone familiar he could not resist
But different enough so he could not see the trick.
Her spell only lasts just so long
But no matter.  
Alcohol helps to hide the truth:
She is only using him and relishes in the torture
Of his heart and soul.

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