Forever Love (Always and Forever)…this one is for you Penny!

Forever Love (Always and Forever)

His emerald green eyes burn into hers right from the start.
Why can’t she speak? Why can’t she breathe?
When he looks at her, all she feels
Is the relentless pounding of her heart.
Strange and yet so familiar the way he makes her feel.
It’s as if they’ve been together always and forever.

Too shy to open up her soul;
Scared of rejection and humiliation
She is unable to tell him.
Days turn into weeks.
Months turn into years…
But his eyes and smile still haunt her dreams
And continue to pull at her heart.
Always yearning, forever searching
For those smoldering eyes to pull her in.

Life goes on. People come and go.
But something has always been missing
From a life filled with fleeting moments of joy
And way too much pain.
Always yearning, forever searching
For the one who could make her feel whole.

Lady Fate steps in, no longer leaving it to chance.
She is tired of watching and waiting…
For Her two lost souls to join each other…
For the love that has always been
And forever will be.

She takes control to bring them together
No more waiting, no more searching.
His eyes burn into hers once again…
This time there is a confession, her soul naked and open.
Still afraid of rejection, but willing to take the chance
To be able to stop always yearning, forever searching.
For her heart knows what it wants and what it needs
Always and Forever.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy  10/07/2010


2 thoughts on “Forever Love (Always and Forever)…this one is for you Penny!

  1. Penny Keller says:

    OMG! I have goose bumps while reading this!!! It’s almost like you know what happened in our relationship, the time together, the breakup and then finding each other again after 6 years and falling back in love and making a life together!!! I’m almost speachless!!

    I hope you don’t mind but I would like your ok to print this and hang it in my office?

    thanks for posting and keep writing, you have a very special gift!!!


  2. As I have already told you on Facebook, of course you can share this in your office. The more people to see it the better and hopefully I end up with more fans of my work. You have been one of my biggest supporters and have always given me your honest opinion. Thank you!


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