Ghosts of Christmas Past – Reconnecting with soul mates or “Groan oh no, not you again?”

Please welcome guest author May Water to Behind Closed Doors


Lovers by Rosen Georgiev/

You meet someone and boom! The connection is so strong it staggers you. Your very spirit is inexplicably drawn to them. It’s hard to explain to anyone. When you do try to explain you sound a bit nutty. The connection is both comforting and unnerving.You do and say things you would never do or say with anyone else.  As if a force bigger than the two of you has drawn you together. 
With other people you meet it just may be that niggling feeling deep inside as if you already know them. There is a familiarity which you can’t explain. You actually might want to get the hell away from them in some case. For some reason they just repulse you.
Soul mates, fate, destiny. Is it real? I believe it is. I also believe that the soul mate bus is a ride I want to get off. From personal experience this life time it is not as romantic as people make it out to be. Sometimes it can be the most tragically painful experience anyone should have to endure. Especially when two soul mates initially start off with a bang, and then end with a bigger bang.
Yes, the wise ones say that there are lessons to be learned, the reason you were drawn together was for a higher purpose, look at all the good that came out of the union. I say yawn. I used to say all of that happy crappy stuff too. Now I say that peace is more important.

Diving Whale Tail by puttsk

So, that being said, I decided I’m coming back as a whale next lifetime. Yup, most likely a blue or sperm whale (pun intended since I’m an erotic romance writer). The life of a whale will fit all my needs. Ah it will be so much easier:
– I love to travel so migration will be fun
-I love seafood and kelp type foods. When I’m a whale I’ll just have to open my mouth to eat. Kind of like when I go to the seafood buffet.
-I love to live near the ocean. Hell I’ll be IN the ocean
-Most whales live in family structures. The social creature in me will like that. Plus my offspring won’t be asking me to order things online or shoving things into the shopping cart when I’m not looking.
-But most importantly I’ll take a break from my twin flame soul mate. You see, things ended very badly for us this lifetime. My LOVE BEYOND DIMENSIONS  series is a sample of some of our past lives. I wrote them so I would remember the good that once was. Yes there was always drama, but we always ended up together. A present day tale would not have a happily ever after.

So, past lives, future lives, soul mates, twin flame soul mates, destiny, fate. Just nonsense gibberish words to a whale. Exactly what I want next lifetime.

Love & Warmth,


Please join May on Coffee Time Romance December 23, 2011 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST on the Erotic E-loop . She welcomes others views on the subject of soul mates and past lives. Please bring a sense of humor.

A poem from MAGNIFICENT KING by May Water

The Lady 
By chance he meets a stranger, in greeting grasps her hand,
A vision flickers in his mind, a castle in a faraway land.
She tilts her head a bit to the left, her long hair drapes over her shoulder
Now he pictures her in a violet silk robe.
She looks wiser and somehow older.
She laughs out loud at a joke he’s made,
Her eyes twinkle with delight.
He knows he’s heard that laugh before!
But how could he,
They’ve just met tonight…
Every time she smiles at him,
He longs to hold her hand.
An image of embracing on an ancient bench,
Again in that faraway land.
She is so familiar in every way!
He asks her where they’ve met.
Trying to piece this puzzle by guessing:
Maybe he’s not ready to remember yet.
Again she tilts her head and smiles,
He looks deeply into her eyes:
She lets him peer into her soul; she now wears no disguise,
He glimpses a scene of ships, a throne, and sorrow,
And faintly hears her cries.
He shakes his head to clear it,
Such silliness he’s imagined!
Visions of castles and ancient times,
From a lady he’s just befriended.
Yet his spirit knows and cannot deny
The pull to keep her near,
Go ahead then, take her hand!
Consider this a dare.

Adult excerpt from MAGNIFICENT KING by May Water
(A happy reconciliation of twin flame soul mates)

Jann maintained patience for exactly a week after his conversation with Erick and after one of the castle dances it ended abruptly. Again he sang to his brown-eyed girl. After the last song, they headed back to her private chambers. He was always sweet and respectful. Marewyn adored his boyish charm. They chatted and laughed while they walked. Jann was in an especially jovial and playful mood. Quite unexpectedly, he maneuvered her down one of the sections of the castle that hadn’t yet been excavated. This area was the original structure before Castle Pioneer was built. They seemed to call to him, to lead him down its darkened halls until they reached a huge, ornate oak door. A huge candelabrum stood next to it.

Marewyn ran her hand over the door’s grainy surface and a chill coursed through her body. She had a vision of a stringed instrument lying on a large bed and a fire burning in a pit. She had the feeling that she’d been there before. She kept caressing the ancient door and knew that this had been Jann’s room very long ago and they had spent long hours making love in there. The memory rekindled a passion deep within. Jann grasped the worn handle, and he also felt a chill run through his body. He pictured wood planks and diagrams of boats strewn upon tables. That door seemed so familiar to him. He felt the familiar sexual energy of the room, and his member hardened.

Marewyn and Jann looked at each other with glazed eyes. The lust and love they had kept under control for so long was unleashed. At this very moment in time they had to have each other. They were burning with desire and love, and nothing else mattered

Jann’s boyish charm disappeared as he pushed her up against the ancient door and covered her neck with demanding kisses. “I want you, Mare. The centuries have not dulled my desire or love for you.” His kisses trailed down to her lush bosom, and she arched her back to make it easier for him. He wasted no time yanking down the neckline of her gown.

Magnificent King

“I know I’ve loved you before, Jann. I’ll love you for eternity.” She grasped his long ponytail and pushed his head down harder, encouraging him to suck her breasts until they ached. He licked and suckled her dark nipples urgently while he lifted her gown and ran his large hands up her legs. Her excitement rose to a frightening level when he started to rub her clit in a fast circular motion. They were both breathing heavily, hearts racing with excitement. Marewyn reached down and cupped the bulge in his trousers, then immediately pulled his member out. His organ was huge, its tip glistening with pre-cum. She longed to put it in her mouth, but he didn’t give her a chance. He held her up against the door and pushed her gown up further, grasped her round buttocks in his hands and slid his cock deliciously inside of her. Marewyn was dripping wet.

Their moans filled the dark hallway. She met him thrust for thrust and was thrilled to finally find a man who held nothing back. The door banged and thumped loudly, but neither one cared about the noise. They were lost in the ecstasy of passion.

When he held her legs up even higher and plunged in deeper, he reached a spot so exquisitely deep it made her cry out in ecstasy. Marewyn clawed his back as he pumped his load deep inside. Jann
kissed her face, her neck, and her hair repeatedly. “Min MaryMary. My MaryMary,” he murmured.

She soothed his dark hair off of his sweaty brow as he rested his head on her chest. Tears came to his eyes as he listened to her heart hammering away. “My brun-eyed girl,” he whispered breathlessly.

“I’m here, Jann,” was all she could say as tears of release trailed down her cheeks. “I’m here.” She loved this man with all her heart, had already given her spirit to him, and now she had given her body as well.

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Author: Author Tammy Dennings Maggy

After a nearly 26 year career as a veterinarian, I am finally realizing my dream of becoming a published author. More than that, I am writing in a genre that I love to read myself, erotic romance. There is nothing better than becoming so immersed in a story line that you forget all the stresses of life that surround you. My favorite authors have done that for me over the years, and I hope that I can do the same.

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