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My weekly feature is called Sinfully Sassy Sundays with The Vixen. This week I’m talking about fun foods to incorporate into sex play time. There are many to consider and many to avoid. I didn’t go into the ones to avoid at this time. If you want to have that discussion, we can do it in the comments section either here or there. Suffice it to say, the foods that you are allergic to you should stay away from. Some spices will burn on the skin and shouldn’t be applied to the delicate tissue of your genitalia.

Do your research, talk with your partner about it and above all have fun with it. If you aren’t having fun and enjoying the time with your partner, there is no point in doing it.

Go ahead and check out our blog. We have special guests on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays and the other four days belong to the Muses. We’ve talked about some hot topics so far. Let us know what you think and if there is anything you’d like to see discussed in the future.

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Suspect Infidelity? It’s Balls to the Wall time…Oh My! with author May Water

Once again, I’m happy to welcome back to Behind Closed Doors fellow Siren author May Water. Just yesterday, her latest book was released.  Balls to the Wall Detectives, Inc is an erotic alternative romance that grabs you right from the first sentence and never lets go! At the heart of it, it follows Marley Winters as she hunts down cheating partners and either helps them get back with their loves, or nails them to the wall for their infidelity. It’s a very interesting topic to cover in a romance novel. Not that there aren’t cheating partners, but how often do you come upon a private investigator who not only goes after the “cheater” but tries to help them mend their relationships as well? So why this topic? May responds:

While infidelity runs rampant in our society, with about half of all marriages dealing with it directly, you can avoid the likelihood of it ever happening. “It takes meeting several emotional needs at once,” says Dr. Willard F. Harley, Jr., author of several books on the subject and founder of marriage counseling center, Marriage Builders. When most reveal that sex isn’t what drives the affair Harley agrees it’s absolutely true, citing the lack of a romantic relationship causing many to seek others to fulfill their emotional needs.

“There are really four emotional needs that are primarily romantic: affection, intimate conversation, recreational companionship and sexual fulfillment,” says Harley. “If you have a romantic relationship in your own marriage, an affair is much easier to resist.” If you suspect your spouse might be doing something unsavory, Harley feels you have every right to investigate, whether by installing tracking software on the computer or even hiring a private investigator. If anything is found, Harley advises saving the evidence for the confrontation. “A husband and wife should be so transparent that any effort on the part of one to look at what the other is doing should never be considered off limits.” 

I agree wholeheartedly! Having been through a divorce and now remarriage, I can fully attest to the fact that if you are missing any of the four emotional needs mentioned above, you become one very unhappy person. You begin to doubt yourself and your self esteem plummets. What happens when you have all four? Well, you have found your soul mate. It’s as simple as that. 

What about cybersex? Is that cheating or just “harmless fun?” May’s heroine Marly Winters (dontcha just love that name?) has a few ideas about that. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt from Balls to the Wall Detectives, Inc. Let May know what you think about her new story, and better yet, go out and get your own copy today while it’s still at a special price! Currently it’s only available through our publisher Siren Bookstrand. Click on the cover of her book above and it will take you right to her page!


Is cyber sex cheating real? Marly thinks it’s nothing a little BDSM can’t cure. Those naughty boys will wish they never touched a mouse. Marly can whip couples back between each other’s arms and legs. Or simply nail his cheating balls to the wall. Either way: bad boys beware.

Her detective agency hunts down cheating partners, delivering not only evidence, but a remedy for what ails these couples: hot, sexual abandon. Her role as sex vigilante causes a brush with the law though. She’s crafty but can she get her ass out of that sling?

Despite her tough shell Marly unexpectedly finds love amidst the whips and chains. She really wants love, yet our heroine has loads of heartache to heal. Which one will help lick her wounds? Sweet younger Katie softens her spirit. Quirky lovable Jock literally knocks her off her feet. Can either one tame our excitable girl?

ADULT Excerpt

“Oh god yes,” Marly panted as she pinned Katie against the wall and ground into her. Both of them had to restrain themselves the entire half-mile walk back from the mall. They had barely made it up the elevator and into her dark apartment.

“I’m so fucking wet,” Katie whispered, nibbling Marly’s neck. When she licked the length of her throat, Marly moaned, unable to remember the last time she was that sexually excited.

“Me, too,” she panted, her mouth finding Katie’s again in the darkness. When their lips parted Marly whispered in her ear, “I wanna fuck you.”

“Do it,” Katie responded quickly. Marly backed away from her slightly, her hand caressing one of Katie’s breasts. Her eyes had acclimated to the dark, so she could just barely make out Katie’s face.

“Do you have anything so we can, ya know…have sex?” Marly whispered, feeling like a teenager at her inability to say the word dildo.

“Have anything? Like what?” Katie asked, quizzical. Marly bit her lower lip, suddenly feeling totally embarrassed.

“Um like a dildo,” she whispered.

Katie giggled. “Why would I have that?”

Marly shrugged her shoulders. “I figured that California gay women have all sorts of toys,” she whispered.

Katie smacked her shoulder playfully.

“What, it’s not true?” Marly asked with a laugh. Katie found Marly’s lips as she pressed her body against her. They made soft humping motions as they kissed. Marly ran her fingers through Katie’s long hair with one hand as she pulled down her tank top with the other. Her excitement grew when she realized that Katie wasn’t wearing a bra. She enveloped one perky breast in her hot mouth, loving that it was exactly a mouthful. Katie groaned as Marly sucked her tits more firmly. After a moment Marly lifted her head.

“How about pot? You must have that,” she whispered. Katie laughed out loud at her words.

“My god, Marly, you crack me up!” she replied with a huge smile. “But yeah, I do have toys. And pot. I was just teasing you. It’s all in my bedroom.”

Katie giggled, grasped a handful of Marly’s shirt, and pulled her to a room off to the side. There was a streetlight across the street, which illuminated the room just enough to not require additional lighting. As soon as they entered Marly pushed Katie gently onto the bed, lowered herself on top of her, and resumed her breast sucking.

“I love your tits,” Marly whispered in between her adoration.

“They’re too small,” she responded. Marly shook her head and gazed up at Katie, a nipple in her mouth. After one long suckle she spoke.

“They’re perfect,” she whispered, truly meaning it. Katie’s entire body felt so very good. The word that came to mind was sleek. Marly got lost in the removing of her new lover’s clothing and the lavishing of each body part revealed. It didn’t take very long considering she was only wearing running shorts and a tank top. Once Katie was fully naked, Marly made quite sure that no part of her was left unkissed. Both of them were breathing heavily.

“You make me feel so good,” whispered Katie as she fumbled with Marly’s jeans. Marly helped her out, shrugging them off her hips quickly. As she stepped out of them she gazed down at Katie.

“Your toys. Get one,” she whispered. Katie reached out to push Marly’s panties out of the way, but Marly grasped her wrist. “You can do that later. Right now I have to fuck you.”

May wanted to share one more thing with us before she left us to go back to her writing cave. It’s a quote from William L. Phelps that I think sums up relationships from the male perspective quite well.

“The greatest of all arts is the art of living together. Every man who is happily married is a successful man even if he has failed at everything else.”

Food for thought, don’t you think?

Where to find more from May Water

Internet resources & support groups regarding cyber cheating

Coming up on June 7th, May will be a guest on our sister blog Sassy Vixen Publishing. She will share the first thirteen sentences from Balls to the Wall Detectives, Inc. Make sure you stop in there and tell her hello!


Laughter, Lovers and Friends: Quickie Peeks into Favorite Scenes by Author May Water

Once again I’m happy to welcome Siren author May Water to Behind Closed Doors. Her bilovable series featuring Molly Doll and her polyamorous lovers is menage at it’s finest…and funniest. Several readers have voted on their favorite funny lines from all four books in the series and May has been kind enough to share them with us today. Just a reminder that this website contains very graphic, explicit material that should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.  By reading any further, you agree that you are over 18 and have been warned that the content within could be considered offensive to some people. 

Now let’s take that sneak peek into all four of May’s menage and more books from Siren Publishing.

   “You go all day barely saying a word, and then you see a candy shop and go off like an alarm,” he mumbled. “And stop sticking out your tongue, or I’ll have to put it to better use.”

     She turned her head and stuck her tongue out again. This time she moved it in a very vulgar manner. “Yeah, go on and try, pretty boy,” she said saucily.

     He pinched her buttocks, which caused her to jump in her seat. “I’m surprised your teeth don’t rot from all the candy you eat,” he remarked as he gazed out the window.
     “I only eat it on special occasions,” she snapped.

     Michael turned and arched an eyebrow at her. “I saw you eating some the other day. Are Wednesdays special occasions now?” he asked with a slight grin. Molly laughed out loud.

“You go all day barely saying a word, and then you see a candy shop and go off like an alarm,” he mumbled. “And stop sticking out your tongue, or I’ll have to put it to better use.”

     She turned her head and stuck her tongue out again. This time she moved it in a very vulgar manner. “Yeah, go on and try, pretty boy,” she said saucily.

     He pinched her buttocks, which caused her to jump in her seat. “I’m surprised your teeth don’t rot from all the candy you eat,” he remarked as he gazed out the window.
     “I only eat it on special occasions,” she snapped.

     Michael turned and arched an eyebrow at her. “I saw you eating some the other day. Are Wednesdays special occasions now?” he asked with a slight grin. Molly laughed out loud.

 “What the hell am I going to do?” he asked softly. His blue eyes glistened with tears. She was suddenly very frightened. He scooted back, leaned his back against her bed, and bowed his head. When he raised it, he locked eyes with her. He licked his lips and gulped before speaking.

     “Moll, I fucking love you,” he said softly. Then he bent his head and rested his forehead on his fingers which formed a temple. Molly’s heart jumped in her chest, and her pulse quickened. Those were the words she had always fantasized him saying to her. Well, not the “fucking” part, but it was close. 

“What the hell are you doing here?” she cried out. Michael nudged the door closed with his foot and then flung her over his shoulder. She laughed out loud as he carried her up the stairs.
      “I’m here because I miss my wife! And my wife’s wife! Evan is parking the car in my mother’s driveway. Jess went with him. Thank god my mother hired that neighborhood boy to keep it shoveled,” he said.
      Once they got upstairs he carried her to the bed and plopped her down. Immediately he shrugged off his coat and began unbuttoning his shirt. Molly laughed out loud and sat up quickly. He kept unbuttoning with one hand and shoved her back down with the other. He grinned at her while he undressed, his eyes never leaving her. Very quickly he was totally nude. His athletic frame was oh so appealing and his luscious cock stood at attention. He was about to climb on top of her but she held her hands to block him.
      “At least shut the door,” she hissed. Michael sighed, pecked her forehead, and hopped up. She admired his tight buttocks and strong back as he strutted to the door. She heard him talk to the puppy before closing the door.
      “Sorry, little Mikey, you can’t come in. I’m going to bang Mommy,” he said in a very sweet voice. Molly laughed out loud when he pounced on the bed and began tugging off her nightie.
      “Aw, it took the little guy all that time to make it up the stairs, only to be told he can’t come in,” she teased.
     “It’s big Mikey’s time to come in—inside of you that is. Ooh flannel. Very sexy,” he teased as he yanked the nightgown over her head, causing gooseflesh to cover her arms. He blew raspberries on her belly and nipped her breasts playfully. Molly couldn’t stop giggling.

Molly bent over the edge of the couch and spread her legs wide. Jack sidled right up behind her and pressed his hard bulge against her bottom. A finger dipped into her wet hole, and she heard him suck it. Then he smacked her ass quite hard. The sting made her squirm with excitement.
     “I want to spank your tender ass until you beg for me to fuck you. I want to make you scream,” he said with a growl.

     “But the cupcakes, they’ll burn if I don’t get them.” Molly’s jaw dropped at his words. When he pulled away, it was like a huge void entered the room. She craned her head in disbelief as he hurried down the back stairway.
     “Get cozy, I’ll be right back!” he called over his shoulder.
     Molly stood upright, a little stunned at his abrupt exit. He was without a doubt one of the most puzzling men she had ever met. Then she remembered that he was a musician. To her that explained everything. 

For those of you who want more of May and this series, join us over at Sassy Vixen Publishing.  May is our first showcased author on the new site. There you can find out more about Seaside Surrender book 4: Licorice Whips and May herself!

Ghosts of Christmas Past – Reconnecting with soul mates or “Groan oh no, not you again?”

Please welcome guest author May Water to Behind Closed Doors


Lovers by Rosen Georgiev/

You meet someone and boom! The connection is so strong it staggers you. Your very spirit is inexplicably drawn to them. It’s hard to explain to anyone. When you do try to explain you sound a bit nutty. The connection is both comforting and unnerving.You do and say things you would never do or say with anyone else.  As if a force bigger than the two of you has drawn you together. 
With other people you meet it just may be that niggling feeling deep inside as if you already know them. There is a familiarity which you can’t explain. You actually might want to get the hell away from them in some case. For some reason they just repulse you.
Soul mates, fate, destiny. Is it real? I believe it is. I also believe that the soul mate bus is a ride I want to get off. From personal experience this life time it is not as romantic as people make it out to be. Sometimes it can be the most tragically painful experience anyone should have to endure. Especially when two soul mates initially start off with a bang, and then end with a bigger bang.
Yes, the wise ones say that there are lessons to be learned, the reason you were drawn together was for a higher purpose, look at all the good that came out of the union. I say yawn. I used to say all of that happy crappy stuff too. Now I say that peace is more important.

Diving Whale Tail by puttsk

So, that being said, I decided I’m coming back as a whale next lifetime. Yup, most likely a blue or sperm whale (pun intended since I’m an erotic romance writer). The life of a whale will fit all my needs. Ah it will be so much easier:
– I love to travel so migration will be fun
-I love seafood and kelp type foods. When I’m a whale I’ll just have to open my mouth to eat. Kind of like when I go to the seafood buffet.
-I love to live near the ocean. Hell I’ll be IN the ocean
-Most whales live in family structures. The social creature in me will like that. Plus my offspring won’t be asking me to order things online or shoving things into the shopping cart when I’m not looking.
-But most importantly I’ll take a break from my twin flame soul mate. You see, things ended very badly for us this lifetime. My LOVE BEYOND DIMENSIONS  series is a sample of some of our past lives. I wrote them so I would remember the good that once was. Yes there was always drama, but we always ended up together. A present day tale would not have a happily ever after.

So, past lives, future lives, soul mates, twin flame soul mates, destiny, fate. Just nonsense gibberish words to a whale. Exactly what I want next lifetime.

Love & Warmth,


Please join May on Coffee Time Romance December 23, 2011 from 7:00pm-8:00pm EST on the Erotic E-loop . She welcomes others views on the subject of soul mates and past lives. Please bring a sense of humor.

A poem from MAGNIFICENT KING by May Water

The Lady 
By chance he meets a stranger, in greeting grasps her hand,
A vision flickers in his mind, a castle in a faraway land.
She tilts her head a bit to the left, her long hair drapes over her shoulder
Now he pictures her in a violet silk robe.
She looks wiser and somehow older.
She laughs out loud at a joke he’s made,
Her eyes twinkle with delight.
He knows he’s heard that laugh before!
But how could he,
They’ve just met tonight…
Every time she smiles at him,
He longs to hold her hand.
An image of embracing on an ancient bench,
Again in that faraway land.
She is so familiar in every way!
He asks her where they’ve met.
Trying to piece this puzzle by guessing:
Maybe he’s not ready to remember yet.
Again she tilts her head and smiles,
He looks deeply into her eyes:
She lets him peer into her soul; she now wears no disguise,
He glimpses a scene of ships, a throne, and sorrow,
And faintly hears her cries.
He shakes his head to clear it,
Such silliness he’s imagined!
Visions of castles and ancient times,
From a lady he’s just befriended.
Yet his spirit knows and cannot deny
The pull to keep her near,
Go ahead then, take her hand!
Consider this a dare.

Adult excerpt from MAGNIFICENT KING by May Water
(A happy reconciliation of twin flame soul mates)

Jann maintained patience for exactly a week after his conversation with Erick and after one of the castle dances it ended abruptly. Again he sang to his brown-eyed girl. After the last song, they headed back to her private chambers. He was always sweet and respectful. Marewyn adored his boyish charm. They chatted and laughed while they walked. Jann was in an especially jovial and playful mood. Quite unexpectedly, he maneuvered her down one of the sections of the castle that hadn’t yet been excavated. This area was the original structure before Castle Pioneer was built. They seemed to call to him, to lead him down its darkened halls until they reached a huge, ornate oak door. A huge candelabrum stood next to it.

Marewyn ran her hand over the door’s grainy surface and a chill coursed through her body. She had a vision of a stringed instrument lying on a large bed and a fire burning in a pit. She had the feeling that she’d been there before. She kept caressing the ancient door and knew that this had been Jann’s room very long ago and they had spent long hours making love in there. The memory rekindled a passion deep within. Jann grasped the worn handle, and he also felt a chill run through his body. He pictured wood planks and diagrams of boats strewn upon tables. That door seemed so familiar to him. He felt the familiar sexual energy of the room, and his member hardened.

Marewyn and Jann looked at each other with glazed eyes. The lust and love they had kept under control for so long was unleashed. At this very moment in time they had to have each other. They were burning with desire and love, and nothing else mattered

Jann’s boyish charm disappeared as he pushed her up against the ancient door and covered her neck with demanding kisses. “I want you, Mare. The centuries have not dulled my desire or love for you.” His kisses trailed down to her lush bosom, and she arched her back to make it easier for him. He wasted no time yanking down the neckline of her gown.

Magnificent King

“I know I’ve loved you before, Jann. I’ll love you for eternity.” She grasped his long ponytail and pushed his head down harder, encouraging him to suck her breasts until they ached. He licked and suckled her dark nipples urgently while he lifted her gown and ran his large hands up her legs. Her excitement rose to a frightening level when he started to rub her clit in a fast circular motion. They were both breathing heavily, hearts racing with excitement. Marewyn reached down and cupped the bulge in his trousers, then immediately pulled his member out. His organ was huge, its tip glistening with pre-cum. She longed to put it in her mouth, but he didn’t give her a chance. He held her up against the door and pushed her gown up further, grasped her round buttocks in his hands and slid his cock deliciously inside of her. Marewyn was dripping wet.

Their moans filled the dark hallway. She met him thrust for thrust and was thrilled to finally find a man who held nothing back. The door banged and thumped loudly, but neither one cared about the noise. They were lost in the ecstasy of passion.

When he held her legs up even higher and plunged in deeper, he reached a spot so exquisitely deep it made her cry out in ecstasy. Marewyn clawed his back as he pumped his load deep inside. Jann
kissed her face, her neck, and her hair repeatedly. “Min MaryMary. My MaryMary,” he murmured.

She soothed his dark hair off of his sweaty brow as he rested his head on her chest. Tears came to his eyes as he listened to her heart hammering away. “My brun-eyed girl,” he whispered breathlessly.

“I’m here, Jann,” was all she could say as tears of release trailed down her cheeks. “I’m here.” She loved this man with all her heart, had already given her spirit to him, and now she had given her body as well.

Where to find May (Google+)

Derailed Libido? Author May Water Offers a Few Tips to Get It Back On Track

Just a reminder that this website contains very graphic, explicit material that should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18.  By entering this website, you agree that you are over 18 and have been warned that the content within could be considered offensive to some people. 


I’m very happy to welcome Siren author May Water to Behind Closed Doors.  She’s agreed to give us a bit of insight into increasing a woman’s libido.

“At times we may step off our path in life and forget our true passions. It’s never too late to get back on that path. I believe we can release the romance and hope that lives in each and every one of us. Find the courage to explore not only this universe, but all of the others we may not even fathom. Happiness IS attainable for all. Simply ask, believe, receive. And pump it up with a whole lotta love…”—May Water


I thought that whipping out a quick blog about increasing a women’s libido would be easy. Libido is something I do not presently lack which is why I picked the topic. I figured it would be easy. Yet once I sat down to write, I stared at a blank page.

This troubled me. I can whip out a book no problem. Why can’t I whip out a simple blog? Then I laughed out loud. The problem was clear as day once I thought about it. There is no simple solution to increasing a woman’s libido, because women are not simple creatures. They are far too complex and multidimensional to be placated with a simple cookie cutter how to that would apply to all. After all, I should know. I tried many things before I found what worked for me. There are SO many different types of advice out there.

So, I decided to quite literally open my legs, and my own experience, and simply explain how I got MY libido back on track when it derailed several years ago. Well here goes…And remember, If I can do it anyone can. May the passion be with you! Because I believe we can all FEEL GOOD : }


federico stevanin/

1.    Treat your body with respect. If you’re overweight, lose a few pounds. Eat the healthiest foods you can. Lay off lotions and beauty supplies that aren’t organic. EVERYTHING you put in and on your body affects your mood, body chemistry, and health. Many drugs affect blood flow. Blood flow to your genitals is essential is achieving sexual pleasure. Increasing fruits and vegetables in your diet can provide the vitamins and antioxidants that will help maintain good blood flow to your sex organs. Make walking a part of your everyday life. Even just a short walk can revive the weariest of bodies. It also increases blood flow to your sex organs. I lost over 50 pounds just with walking. That was a definite factor in feeling better about me. Oh, and keep a handle on alcohol consumption. A couple drinks is fine to loosen up, but more can cause the reverse effect. Besides, staggering to the bedroom is not necessarily sexy. Learn to meditate, which is just a way of teaching you how to breathe and relax. I do it every day.

2.    TRY APHRODISIACS. I have used the following and can say honestly that, yes they worked for me:

 *Vitamin E-applied directly to the vagina several times a week. It forced me to keep it all trim down there which was also surprisingly a turn on. The Vitamin E rehydrated and sensitized the sensitive tissue. It’s also great on skin and hair, and can be used as a lube during sex (It’s cheap too)

 *Gingko- I believe it helped me with the excitement stage. It also helps improve memory. You’ll remember who you slept with J

 *Arginine- I’m convinced this helped with blood flow to my genitals. After only a few days I was throbbing.

 *Gingko- Another throbbulator.

 *Ginseng- I felt more virile and energetic sexually; like I wanted to be on top. It also makes a tasty tea.

 *DHEA I did not use it but have seen it recommended. I am adding it as a possibility for someone else.

3. BE HAPPY! Take time for yourself every day. Yes, EVERY DAY. Even 10 minutes doing something you love to do, or that relaxes you, will make you happier. Many women put themselves last in the household which is unwise in my eyes. How can you take care of everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself first? Yes, you can neglect yourself for a while. Some women neglect themselves for a very long time. The family thrives. Then one day something gives. You wake up and you feel ancient.   I urge all women to take stock of their lives, no matter what age you are, and start taking care of YOU now. Do whatever makes you happy until you are overflowing with happiness. That happiness will spread to everyone around you.

4. SEXIFY YOURSELF. Maybe all of those worn out undies need to get out of your pantie drawer and stuck under the bathroom sink with the pads and tampons. Use them for your monthly. Replace them with fresh new pretty panties and bras, doesn’t have to be top of the line. Even dollar stores sell them. You’ll be amazed how they make you feel sexier even under the most boring clothes. Get an erotic movie. Watch it alone or with your partner with a locked door. Buy yourself some darn flowers whenever possible. I’ve been buying fresh gladiolas for months now ($1.99 a bunch) & put them next to my bed. Read erotic romance! There are books to fulfill your simplest desires or your wildest dreams. Most e-books are under $5.Surround yourself with sexy and you will feel sexy.


5. SEX TOYS! (My personal new favorite) Okay so I will get real intimate now. I had three sex toys since the age of 18. All were bought for me by male lovers. One was a hard plastic vibrator which I cringed every time I looked at it. It hurt. The other two were flexible rubber dongs (yay for the bending action) But they were so ridiculously huge that I felt I was being impaled by King Kong. The guys liked to watch me use them. I put on the required occasional show but otherwise did not touch them. So, that being said, I did not think of pleasure aids until later in life when I became single. I decided to face my fear of dildos and give them another whirl.

Instead I saw, online, clitoral stimulators, g-spot ticklers…all sorts of goodies. I was convinced that Mother Nature forgot to give me a g-spot until I received my Dr Laura Berman mini bullet with wand in the mail. I had no flipping idea how to use it so I Googled techniques. W

I also learned online that the advice to relax (by male lovers) to achieve orgasm was crappy advice for me. That’s what I was doing wrong all these years. When I actually should have been following my instinct to tense up! Here’s what I learned:
hen I achieved my first sex toy induced orgasm I wanted to run down the street in slow motion like that scene from Chariots of Fire. I felt like Rocky when he won the title. You get the idea. So…I am now a HUGE fan of gadgets. They work if you get one designed for women, by women.

Myotonia is the type of muscle tension that helps women reach orgasm. It turns out that muscle tension is often necessary for an orgasm. Incorporating leg, abdominal, and buttock tension with the Kegel exercise is often the magic key. Squeezing the muscles you use to stop urine flow seems to be the most orgasm inducing contractions. So in this case, don’t relax if relaxing isn’t working! Use that clitoral stimulator and squeeze those inner muscles. You’ll be amazed at how intense your release is.


So those are the top 5 things I did to not only increase my sexual libido, but feel better about myself. I know exactly what women go through. Life doesn’t allow for one to lounge around in silk lingerie and indulge in pleasures of the flesh day and night. But you can grab those moments of available time an enjoy yourself. Why? Because I said so, and you deserve it!

Love & Warmth,

May Water
Erotic Romance:

Dr. Laura Berman:

Herbs and holistic remedies (hCG diet also)

Here's a little teaser from May from one of her current works in progress.

Opening scene of upcoming release MOLLY DOLL by May Water *UNEDITED*

“Oh my god Jess yes,” panted Molly. The double dildo was imbedded firmly in Molly’s pussy yet it slid in and out of Jess with ease. Her hands were wound in Jess’s long blond hair as she humped her hard and fast, just the way she liked it. Jess’s eyes were closed and she was panting rapidly. Her face, as always, looked like the face of an angel.

Molly wanted to weep at the intensity of their love making. She rarely used the single strap on anymore, preferring the double leather phallus. Her cunt muscles clamped down upon it and it became a part of her anatomy. She felt like an equal blend of both male and female and it was divine. Her discovery was mind blowing to her, and Jess quite obviously relished the discovery. They had made love almost every night before bed, and quite often in the morning before Jess had school.

Molly leaned down and licked Jess’s neck as she pounded her. The urge to bite and suckle Jess’s neck overwhelmed her. She resisted the urge to mark her so blatantly so she lowered her head and chose a more acceptable spot; the spot right over her left breast. Molly felt Jess’s heart beating beneath her lips which drove her mad. She suckled her tender skin until she tasted blood. Jess writhed beneath her, barely able to move as Molly pinned her down.

Once Molly felt her mark was sufficiently administered she gazed at Jess, her beautiful angel. Jess opened her blue eyes and they welled with tears. She wound her arms around Molly’s neck and pulled her face closer, her mouth kissing her hungrily as she panted uncontrollably…

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