3 thoughts on “The cover for my book of poetry

  1. LOVE IT! Just a thought…what would it look like with the by line / your name slightly smaller Tammy. So so pleased you are placing what is within your heart and soul into the ether. This trancends and reverberates through Creation…… from love, through love and to love….remember?

    Well done…catch up soon God Bless 🙂 Dave


  2. Thank you, Dave. I played around with the fonts and colors and finally settled on the one above. I did try making my name smaller and the overall consensus was to make it bigger…LOL! Now to get the poems all in the same format and upload it all to Smashwords!


    • David Knight says:

      Hi Tammy…all sounds good! I went for Garamond Font 11pt in the end for my latest book.
      ref Smashwords. once uploaded and ‘approved’ …they can then take about 3 weeks to confirm whether or not it makes into ‘premium distribution’ which is definately what you want. Good luck with it all …so pllased that your hearts messages will get into print for others to see and feel. God bless D:)


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