Forever Waiting

Forever Waiting

Through each lifetime we love so briefly.

Each time something or someone interferes

Keeping us from the love promised to us long ago.

Once again reborn,

Already our hearts yearn for their mates.

Forever searching,

Forever waiting

To be together again.

Wars come and go.

Heroes return to those left behind,

But something always missing.

Souls stay restless.

Forever searching,

Forever waiting

To hold each other close again.

Time moves ever forward

And so do we.

Never fully happy.

Never fully at peace.

Always waiting,

Always searching

For the one to make our souls complete.

Once again a chance is taken,

Even though one heart is broken

And the other seems forever lost.

Both always waiting,

Always searching for the way

Back to each other’s arms.

The spark once again ignites

Never lost,

Never broken.

The flame burns bright

Calling us home.

For Now is our time.

Now we shall see.

No more searching,

No more waiting

For Now you are here with me.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


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