Thursday Thirteen with author Jennifer August

Here we are once again for our Thursday Thirteen. Today’s guest author is fellow Siren Jennifer August. Please join me in welcoming her to Behind Closed Doors. She’s graciously agreed to share the first thirteen lines of her latest fantasy erotic romance, Enlightened (Sexual Magic 2). Enjoy! 🙂

A crisp November wind twirled around Emma Haskins as she strolled up the sidewalk toward My Favorite Martini. She inhaled the snow-laden, chill-tinged flavor of the air and grabbed onto the ends of her red cashmere scarf.

Pausing in front of the bar’s window, Emma checked her reflection in the glass, rearranging the wild tangle of tousled brown hair. She was only meeting Joel, but someone cute and eligible might be inside. The door opened, and she scooted sideways, giving the departing customer a friendly excuse-me smile.
Which promptly froze on her mouth.
“Emma?” The mellow, almost unctuous voice of Dr. Charles Wetherell greeted her.
She swallowed a groan, smile going feeble. “Charles. Nice to see you.”
His responding grin was both effusive and a bit self-deprecating. Their three dates had been cursed by disasters and discomfort from start to finish.
Author Bio: Jennifer August began writing when she figured out she was not going to make it as a singer. Comic books, adventure stories and secret stories of salacious love triangles cluttered her mind for years until she decided to get serious about exposing the world to her naughty, crazy mind. It’s been a wild ride and only getting wilder.
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