Two Become One (Dedicated to my muse and future husband)

Two Become One

In the Beginning,
There was one heart, one soul,
Splitting into two.
Separate paths but forever entwined;
Always yearning for the love
They once knew.
Lives are lived.
Loves are lost.
Something’s always missing,
Feeling incomplete.
Forever searching,
Looking toward the day
The soul mates would finally meet.

Nudged by Lade Fate to take a chance
And make a choice:
Risk it all for the Destiny long ago foretold,
Or continue wandering aimlessly,
Never again to feel whole.

A chance meeting stirs up emotions
Long thought buried.
The pull between them so strong,
Making them off balance and wary.
Night after night
Dreams of their past lives
Fill in the gaps in their memories.
Could it be true?
Could this at last be their Destiny?

Unable to deny the Path
Chosen for them by The Three,
No longer distracted by any other.
They give in to their heart’s wish
And friends become lovers.

Now their journey has come full circle
And two once again become one.
One heart, one soul,
One love forever together.
Their search is finally done.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy
April 20, 2012

Can This Be It?

Can This Be It?

Just going through the motions day after day

Can this be it?

Barely existing.

Passion missing?

Others seem to find it,

Why not me?

Loneliness overwhelms

Making it easier to settle

For just okay…

No heat

No fire

No passion

Could this be it?

Barely existing.

Desire missing?

Longing to be wanted against all odds

To be kissed with abandon.

Fire burning out of control.

Could this be it?

Barely existing

Love missing?

Memories of the one

Who long ago stole my heart

Ignite the spark…

No longer afraid of rejection

Took a chance

Bared my soul.

Desire building

Fire burning

Passion flooding through

My heart and soul.

No longer alone

Just barely existing

This is it…

Together again

Skin on skin

Flame on Flame

Heart to Heart

Soul to Soul

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


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