Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours

Together at last.

Walls and miles between us melt away.

Our hearts start beating wild and fast,

Because there are no more obstacles in our way.

Now and forever faithfully yours,

As you are faithfully mine.

We’ve waited so long to open those doors:

That kept us apart;

Kept our lives out of sync

And out of time.

Promises made to others who have crossed our paths

Seemed empty and hollow.

Because we knew in our souls

Those loves would not last,

And would only bring us great sorrow.

For through the years

We’ve searched high and low

For the one who could bring our hearts

And souls some peace.

One day it happened.

Our worlds once again collide.

And now our separate journeys would cease.

Now and forever faithfully yours

As you are faithfully mine.

Together again the spark ignites.

No longer out of sync or out of time.

Questions still remain…

“Why did you wait so long

To confess your love to me?”

“Why did you take so long

To accept you were worth it?”

The doubts no longer have to be.

Just have faith and embrace it.

For now and forever

I am faithfully yours.

And you are faithfully mine.

Together again the fire will burn

Now and for all time.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy



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