One More Time

One More Time

Love that’s lost before it had a chance to grow, is never truly gone.

It’s just waiting for the time to bloom again.

Waiting for the moment to stretch out in the summer sun…

Just one more time.

The pain that took over and consumed will not last.

It cannot…for the love is still there,

Binding two hearts together forever…

Always drawing the lovers toward each other

Just one more time.

Fear of failure once again keeps them apart.

Fear of losing each other allows outsiders to interfere

And causes one heart to doubt and one to break.

Fear of being alone causes each heart to settle…

Settle for the known and unhappy existence

Instead of reaching out for the beautiful possibility with each other…

Just one more time.

The fog finally lifts.

Eyes are open and finally see…

What their hearts have known all along.

Now is their time.

Now is their chance.

Now they can be happy…together.

This time forever their hearts are bound.

The passion burns forever bright and blooms eternally…

Just one more time.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy


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