Shadow Bride (new #vampire poetry)

Shadow Bride

Awakening before the rising sun,
I eagerly await the flash of the colors across the sky.
For this will be my final dawn
And the birth of my life as your Shadow Bride.

The hours go by too slowly.
Visitors and well-wishers continue to come and go.
Many smile at me knowingly,
For soon you will make your appearance
From the family crypts below.

At long last all preparations are complete.
The candlelit banquet hall is now filled to capacity.
Peeking through the heavy blood-red velvet curtains,
I hold my breath as you rise from your seat.
At your signal, the musicians begin to play
The opening notes of the ballad you wrote only for me.

No one and nothing else matters now
Except my walk down the aisle toward you.
With each note and every beat of our song,
My heart quickens and flutters in my chest.
Your smoldering amber eyes plead with me one more time
To be sure I wish to bid my human life adieu.
I take your cool hands and hold them tight,
Never more sure of the answer to your silent request.

You hold me close as your fangs pierce my skin.
I hear your voice in my head telling me all will be over soon.
My limbs grow heavy and the room begins to spin.
A brief moment of panic touches my soul
As my life transfers to you by the light of Mother Moon.

Our guests hold their breaths as you slash your wrist.
A few drops are all it takes and my eyes suddenly open wide.
My mouth seals over your wound as I begin feeding from you.
When at last I’ve had my fill, I see your face full of bliss.
For now we can stand together as one…
The Vampire and his Shadow Bride.

©Tammy Dennings Maggy

Courtship of the Vampyres

Courtship of the Vampyres

Awakening before the setting sun,
Desire burning for my Promised One.
Longing to embrace you under the light of the Moon,
To drink our fill of each other until the dawn.
Your smile alone is enough to make me swoon.

The veil of darkness at last falls,
Allowing me to pass through these damp, lonely halls.
Our home is cold and dark without you by my side,
But not for much longer.
Tonight you will be my Vampyre Bride.

The full Moon illuminates the clearing
Where I find you feeding from one of your admirers,
His face full of bliss.
Watching you drives me wild with desire
To touch you and taste the blood
Still warm on your lips.

My pulse quickens as I draw near.
The need to give my body and blood to you
Grows sharp and crystal clear.
Still I hold back just a moment longer
Watching you quench your insatiable hunger.

Your scent is an intoxicating bouquet.
Your beauty eclipses all those around.
I long to lay with you and bite you again on this day,
As always my love for you knows no bounds.

The desire to have your fangs deep in my neck,
Drinking from the Well of Life
And Power in my veins can no longer be denied.
Moving across the field, silently praying for you to see.
You come to me at last, eyes burning,
Arms open wide.

Melting in your embrace,
Exposing the well at my neck for you to taste.
The Life Force of the Elders courses
Through my veins.
The perfect gift for you:
My love, my heart,
My Immortal Mate.

copyright by Tammy Dennings Maggy 2012

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