Cover Reveal for The Island (Now and Forever 2)

I’m so excited! While at work today at my evil day job as a veterinarian, I received an email notification on my cell. Imagine my excitement to see an email from Siren today with copies of my new cover. Whoohoo!

The cover artist, Christine Kirchoff, captured what I had in mind for the island at sunset. Even though the model on the cover has blonde hair and I picture Quinn as a brunette, I think the couple looks perfect! I asked a question on Facebook the other day. “Who did you picture in your mind as Quinn when you read For the Love of Quinn? I got a variety of answers and you know what? All of them were correct. Who I picture in my mind doesn’t have to be the exact version you picture. That’s the whole point of reading books isn’t it? Letting your imagination run wild is more than half the fun, and picturing yourself as one of the characters is the rest of it!

So with that being said, here is my new cover!


It’s scheduled for release on November 15th. If that changes, you better believe I’ll let you know. 😉


2 thoughts on “Cover Reveal for The Island (Now and Forever 2)

  1. Hi Tammy, Your cover is hot. Congrats on your upcoming release 🙂 I love the heroine. She looks sassy 😉


    • Thank you! I have a few posts scheduled for the upcoming Naughty After Dark Blog Hop that feature my hero, heroine and some of the secondary characters in interviews. I’ll also post the pictures of some of the actors who resemble them. At least folks will get some idea of the images that go through my mind when I write. Oh and Quinn is pretty sassy. Wait until you “meet” some of the other heroines who will be in the next books in the series!


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