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Curse of the First Born Cain promo


Happy New Year!  It’s already a great one as 2015 has started off with a bang. SEASON OF SUN AND SIN has finally been released! After all the delays it’s finally out on Amazon. For a limited time, it will be exclusively with them. If you’re a member of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited borrowing program or Kindle Prime, you’ll be able to read this collection for free. For the rest of us it’s still a steal at $2.99. For less than the price of a Starbuck’s cup of coffee you’ll enjoy two erotic tales from me and one form my alter ego Lia Michaels.

Here are the blurbs for my two novellas:

Bound in Paradise

final Reflection for Sun and SinUp and coming L.A. artist Julia Santos had searched for a Domme strong enough and confident enough in their relationship to allow her to be wild and free while trusting her to give over complete control to them in private. Unfortunately very few meet up with her expectations.

Except one.

Carmen Hall had longed for a partner who would be more than her pet, one who would challenge her skills as Mistress and yet offer themselves to her—heart and soul. She’d all but given up until she laid eyes on the fiery Julia.

Join Julia as she remembers her early days with Carmen and a love that spanned over two decades and would know no bounds.


Curse of the First Born Cain

In the first book of the Kayne Legacy series, we meet reporter Abigail Matthews after she is awarded the interview of a lifetime. She’d been granted no holds barred access to everyone associated with one of the most powerful foundations in the world, including the current CEO Michael Kayne. Sparks fly between them the moment they meet but nothing compared to the jolt she receives when she comes face to face with Michael’s grandfather—the biblical legend Cain.

In hopes she’d accept her destiny as his grandson’s chosen mate, Cain opens up and shares his heartbreaking tale— everything from the tragic fight with his brother Abel to his journey to find Lilith and make her his wife. Together they were to create a family of immortals sworn to protect the Essence of the Tree of Life from the one hell bent on destroying it.


Both of these stories are close to my heart. Bound in Paradise is the answer to all the questions about how Julia and Carmen from The Surrender of Julia (Now and Forever 3) first met. While it’s not an official part of the series, the companion novella fills in some of the blanks in their love story that I thought were important to tell. Julia is such a colorful, heart-wrenching character and many have felt a kinship with her. She fought her way through hell and back again to be with Carmen. This novella gives you another glimpse of her past and what she did to overcome it.

Curse of the First Born Cain is the beginning of my new Kayne Legacy series. Two years ago I started writing this for NaNoWriMo and it took a life all on it’s own. Cain spoke to my soul and I had to tell his story. First I outlined it through poetry in The Courtship of the Vampyre.  Through the poetry I became totally immersed in Cain’s world from the loss of all he’d ever known to his life with Lilith. Here is a man who only wanted his father’s love and acceptance. He’d been denied it at every turn. Come to find out, he was the Chosen One to carry out the mission his parents lost. Through him, man’s greatest gift would be protected. When his story came to me, I had to tell it. My editor remarked a few times that she could tell Cain’s story is close to me. It is. I hope as a reader you will see it too.

Until next time,


Intrigue, Deception, and Fraud OH MY! Who Can You Trust Anymore?


Welcome back to Behind Closed Doors. This week has been a a whirlwind to say the least. Getting sidelined with a virus wasn’t in the plans at all, but here we are just the same. Many items on my “To Do” list have had to be postponed a few days while I get back on track, but there is one thing I had to come out of my sick bed to address.  You know I can’t sit back and not comment when authors behave badly. I just find the whole thing sad and more than a little disheartening.


Goodreads is yet again in the middle of the quagmire. Apparently, an individual has opened no less than 153 fake/sockpuppet accounts. All of them gave high ratings to one particular book and then proceeded to attack the “competition” with one star ratings.  To add further insult, these 153 accounts all mysteriously voted for the same book on a few of the lists, bringing it to number one.  Now, all of this is done in the three days since the book was released.  For more details, please check out this article by Travis Luedke, complete with screen shot of the fake accounts. 

This is not a new trend. There are many others doing the same thing. It was one of the reasons Amazon started removing author written reviews from their site. One unscrupulous author created multiple accounts, gave himself 5 star reviews and then trashed his “competition.”  Now because of that man, readers who also happen to be authors, may have their reviews of books removed even if they are raving 4 and 5 stars.   I know of at least one other person, a former connection on Facebook, who has done the same thing. She has created at least ten other accounts and continues to give low ratings to those authors she has a beef with or she feels are her direct competition.  

This whole thing boggles my mind. We’re supposed to be professionals and it appears many of our community are not.  While it looks like the “crimes” are being perpetrated by a “newbie” authors, there are a few instances where it’s been done by authors who have a few books under their belt.  While I’m just as angry at this behavior as anyone, I find another feeling crop up.  I’m in awe of them actually. How do they find the time to create all these accounts then go around and rate, review and vote to bring their peers down and push themselves up the ranks?  It’s all I can do to juggle real life issues in order to find any little bit of time to write.  Maybe instead of using their time to commit fraud, they could oh I don’t know, WRITE ANOTHER BOOK?

The flip side of this drama? It takes our attention away from our writing and networking. Who the hell has the time or the energy to go after these idiots? I would much rather spend my time writing then be worried about these trolls. Yes it hurts like hell when they attack your work. I’ve had it done to me and you better believe I flipped out.  I complained about it in private and a little bit online, but then let it go.  Yes, report these deceptive and fraudulent accounts to the admins of the sites involved. Keep reporting them.  The more complaints logged, the sooner the investigation can take place and the offenders removed and banned.

career-adviceMy advice to my author friends: don’t let the actions of a few idiots take you away from your writing. Don’t get caught up in the intrigue and media firestorm that will no doubt surround all of this…and there will be a HUGE backlash in this one case of the 153 plus accounts.   The author, blogger and reader community is always on guard for this sort of thing.  

My question to the person or persons who set up the whole thing: did you really think you’d get away with it?  I mean, COME ON!!! Readers caught other authors low balling authors from the same publishing house, It was another reader who found the author who plagiarized the work of several authors in one book and tried to pass it off as his/her own.  It’s readers and fans of authors who have rallied and come to the defense of their favorite writers when it appears they’ve been attacked unjustly.  Think about what you’re doing to your own career. Is getting to the top of a list on Goodreads important enough to throw it all away?

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The Island is available in print!

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry it’s been a little bit since I’ve been back to give you any more updates on my writing. It’s been a hectic last few months to say the least. Now that the official book tour is over, I can sit back and breathe a little bit.  I had received word from Siren Bookstrand that The Island (Now and Forever 2) was going to be released in print much sooner than the April projected dates. Imagine my surprise when I was updating my links on Amazon to find that the book was available a full TWO WEEKS before the new projected date!  Whoohoo!

Released November 2012

So now you can get the paperback versions of The Island on Amazon and on Barnes and Noble. I’m sure there are other sites out there that may have it available and if you find them, just put the links up in the comments section with this post.

Thank you all for supporting me in my journey. I couldn’t do any of this without you. The new poetry book is nearly finished and will be edited shortly. I still have the goal of the end of this month to get it out on Smashwords. Amazon will follow shortly after that. I’m going to try a new writing program called Scrivener with my new projects. I have so many open WIPs and tons of notes all over the place under multiple pen names. I’m confusing the hell out of myself on a daily basis! If I’m confused, how the heck will I ever get my characters all sorted out and in the right books with the right authors. Oy!

Another project I’ll be undertaking is creating a shared world called the Tempations Resort series. I got the idea for a shared world project from the amazing one done by the authors with Wiccan Haus.  I have loved all the books I’ve read by the multiple authors and I still plan on one day submitting one of my own for consideration in the series. If you haven’t checked them out yet, make sure you do especially if you love paranormal romances.  Here is the LINK for their blog. It will explain their whole world.

For Temptations Resort, I wanted to create a world centered around an adult island getaway. There guests will be able to explore any and all of their sexual fantasies whether sweet, sensual, exotic, erotic, or taboo. Once the first book is out, then other authors can add to the world with their own works from all heat levels of romance. Now I write erotic romances, but the sweet stuff is very welcome too. The core idea here is that it’s a fantasy world where the characters get to explore their secret dreams and desires. They can learn about and experience the world of BDSM, create role playing scenarios with a partner or two, experience a menage with as many partners as they wish, or have a quiet getaway with their love.   Look for that series to start being released later in the year, maybe by summer from Sassy Vixen Publishing.

Wonderful news from Smashwords!

My book of poetry

Hello Everyone!

I got word from Smashwords today that my book was accepted into their premium catalog! That means it will be sent out to distributors such as Barnes and Noble, Apple and Sony within the next couple weeks. Amazon on the other hand may take a bit since they are working out some sort of digital issue between the two sites. No matter. If it takes too long to get there, I will put out a separate edition to be on Amazon, but for now, you can get the electronic version for your kindles all from the Smashwords website.

To celebrate, I have decided to offer the book for 37% off the list price from now until January 14th.  By using the following coupon code, you can get the electronic version of your choice for only $2.50.  Here is the code JB53Y

Feel free to share the code with your friends and let me know what you think of my poetry.  Is there one poem in particular that “speaks” to you?  I would love to get your feedback! Go ahead and leave a review on Smashwords if you like.

Thank you all for sharing in this with me!


For the Love of Quinn now available on Amazon


It’s being offered at 20% off the list price.  Check it out and get your copy today!  While you are at it, why not sign up for an electronic autograph from me through Kindlegraph.


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